Coming Attractions

By   May 12, 2015

I am adding HTML5 templates and ones specifically for WordPress. You can download whichever ones you for no charge. They will be made available through new pages soon to be created. I think scripts will be next.

One Quick Note

By   May 9, 2015

Try as they might, spammers are dealing with someone who has over 20 years in the internet. They have formats to their usernames, real names and email addresses.


By   April 25, 2015

Hi. I am Mike Reno, the former Hostmaster of Earthlink, Customer Service Manager of formerly HostPro, Data Center Manager of CIHost and Quality Assurance Manager of Globat. With years of experience I believe I know where you can find the best hosting packages and tools for your website. The rest is up to you including, if needed, the hiring of designers for you or your company. Have fun being part of the web’s landing points whatever your objective might be.